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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Medical Consultants Threaten Legal Action Over Yayale Ahmed Committee Report

The Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) has threatened legal action against the Federal Government if it fails to release the report of the Presidential Committee of Experts.
In a statement made available to LEADERSHIP yesterday in Abuja by its president, Dr Steve Oluwole, and addressed to President Goodluck Jonathan, the association, through its Principal Solicitor and Counsel Jiti Ogunye (Esq.), informed the president that, despite his inauguration of the committee which carried out its assignment within 15 months and submitted its report to him, he (the president) has refused to officially publish the report or implement it’s recommendations.
The association pointed out that “continued delay, failure or refusal by the President to release, implement and make his views and decisions known” could amount to a “dereliction of public duty, which may be cured by an Order of Mandamus duly applied for and appropriately issued by a court of competent jurisdiction”.
Also, the association stated that failure of the President to publish and implement the report “would not only be a disservice to the crisis-ridden health sector in particular, but Nigeria in general, if the said report and the views and decisions of government thereon were discarded or jettisoned at the tail -end of the exercise initiated by Mr. President himself.”
It urged the government to act on the report, as only action could end the perennial crisis of needless competition plaguing the sector.
“We believe that the release of this report, views and decisions of the Federal Government of Nigeria thereon may help cure the erroneous but pervasive assumptions of non-existing rights being claimed by non-medical health workers in the sector, which have been the driving force of their virulent and poisonous agitations against the lead roles being played in the public health sector (and health sector in general) in Nigeria by medical doctors,” the statement concluded.
Winifred Ogbebo

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