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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

OPINION: Evidence Based Practice Without the Books? - Kayode Ojetola

 Kayode Ojetola

It is said that a man cannot rise beyond his level of knowledge. The operational impact a man will make rests solely on his level of intellectual and mental development.

The Physiotherapy profession in the country today has evolved and matured over time. Though some people might point out the fact that the profession hasn't gotten to its promised land yet, I would rather dwell on the positives albeit small.

If we are to go back in history we will discover that the profession has turned out great men and women who over time has made great strides in the development of the profession and have cemented their place in the pantheon of the profession greats. 

The profession is one that prides itself as one of the biggest advocates and proponents of evidence based practice in the continent. However, with the level of intelligentsia in the profession and its constant support for global best practices in every of its establishments and among its members academicians and clinicians alike, it is rather disturbing and a tad disconcerting that the profession which ostensibly prides itself as one with the biggest population of intelligentsia in the continent has very few and I mean very few indigenous physiotherapy books to its name. 

The level of professional excellence attainable in any profession rests solely on the depth of knowledge base of such profession. As my seniors and even my fathers in the profession will rightly point out, the physiotherapy profession is one that is global in view but local In content. Training students and junior clinicians in the science of physiotherapy indeed requires the very best international approach but the presence of local content in the relevant materials used in instruction will go a long way in instilling the nitty gritty of the profession in the mind of the young ones. The dearth of relevant indigenous physiotherapy texts in this clime is one that is not helping in the furtherance of the evidence based practice that is being touted as the current trend in physiotherapy profession today. 

Despite the presence of various physio texts from different parts of the world in few bookshops in the country, the presence of indigenous physio texts authored by our own academicians and clinicians will go a long way in training clinically astute young men and women in meeting the 21st century health need in Nigeria. 

In my opinion we have the very best in term of experience and knowledge this continent has to offer in physiotherapy. I will like to implore all our academicians and clinicians across the country who have garnered decades of experience in this profession to put the result of their researches,papers and experience in texts that can be accessed by the young men and women being trained in various physio schools across the country. 

No american,Indian or British author can adequately tell the Nigerian health narrative as we can.

- Kayode Ojetola 
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